ZZZ V2 Design Proposal

Hi everyone, I feel by improving the zzz website design more money will go into zzz and we will all benefit.

I realize there is the medium design competition, but I figure why wait 10-14 days which is like 10 years in DeFi - we need ZZZ to be the best possible now.

Here is my current design proposal which is an easy to develop facelift over the current application. I am willing to help code it today if I can have access to the Github repo.


Looks awesome ! . Have to agree with you on the time frame here it needs to change asap


beautiful work my friend!

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ty and namaste, love the name and avatar


Love you my friend! Thank you, I hope your day is joyful!


Looks really nice sir

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thank you all for the positive feedback :slight_smile:

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Put this in the UI/UX competition submissions please.

Iā€™m really like the shades of blue and the prices in the header! Nice work

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I have posted it there as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Kones, I like your design too!

Hi ZZZ team - will you be announcing the winners of the ZZZ design competition for second and third place? I feel that my design influenced the dreamswap design and am hoping to win second place.

thanks for your consideration

design before

my proposal

design after


This man deserves the second place for his valuable participation and neat design :+1:t3: