ZZZ Security and Disclosure

IMO we need to have a ZZZ security folder on the github. Once the audit is done and all fixed up the report can reside there. We would also need a disclosures folder in there that describes any instances that happened, how long it took to resolve, description of it and the resolution. The Snoozer event can be in there and also the Dream/Nap pool problem. This will give the project a professional polished look.


This is an interesting one, particularly when it comes to the upcoming unforked protocols

  • I read in TG that some members are concerned about new protocols getting forked so it will be interesting to see the responses and reasonings in response to your suggestion.
  • But I myself have found myself thinking whether the upcoming marketing and product/pool launch is going rebrand ourselves away from just a fork from YFI given the investment in brand new protocols, we’ve now moved on. :slight_smile:
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