ZZZ Merchandise + Storefront

Afternoon all,

We’ve all chatted on the telegram informally expressing intrest in merchandising. I sat down and put it together a bit for us to chop up!

I believe setting up a passive flow from an outside source such as a Shopify or similar storefront for merchandise would be incredibly helpful. With apps on sites like Shopify (I am most familiar with this platform, if anyone knows a better one, let me know. )

We can include on demand printing with drop shipping (Printiful for example) that also handles customer service. All we would have to do is have our community create the content and upload it to the site. They have every article of clothing you would want to slap a design on from shirts to hoodies to pillows to facemasks and hats.

For accepting crypto payments there is an app from a site called coinpayments.net that will let customers purchase using crypto. They even have the option of us requesting them to accept our ZZZ or NAP or w/e we move forward towards in the future.

With the revenue created from the shopify we could add to rewards, pay content creators, give to chairty, etc.



Fantastic idea! This is super awesome!

Beautifulllll awesome idea!!!

I own a custom reflective apparel company and would love to partner with you guys for merch if you’re interested / it makes sense to.
You can check out some of our stuff on our website:


very cool! do you use 3M inks?

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Amazing Idea, I have Ecommerce experience and would like to volunteer to build this project up!


It’s a reflective heat transfer vinyl


dig it! very innovative.

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Merch would be cool. I made this logo last night, would be pretty hot on a shirt…especially if it was printed with reflective ink! I can send the hi res pdf if you want to try printing it…

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Looks dope, email it me.

[email protected]

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I added 2 ZZZ shirts to my website for anyone interested in non-official ZZZ merch.


Can we accept NAP & lock/vault it as a way to reduce to NAP token? Other community members are in disbelief that the market cap has been diluted so heavily with NAP tokens - the contract was 20,000 tokens minted ever…

Please see the post make Zzz great again, also here is a 101 on share buy backs to add further context:

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all we would have to do is apply to coinpayment to accept NAP.

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Nice Design :+1::+1::+1:

I can see the $100 bill’s all seeing eye replaced with our logo & “In ZZZ we trust”, for another T design idea…bring on the new age of Defi :clap:

Very cool :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: :+1::+1::+1:

check out these sweaty hats