ZZZ Ecosystem Flow Chart

I created a flow chart to better understand ZZZ’s ecosystem. This is not official info so please give feedback to make it better. I am hoping to get a convo started so someone with professional design skills can improve it.


Hi, I can give it a go and send through for revision

  • Attached is a basic market analysis infographic I did yesterday, as an example of the kind of colour scheme will go for albiet in in post format for greater width as per your draft :slight_smile: (bottom omitted & of poorer quality as run via my :poop: phone)

I will try and get it done this weekend, so if someone else has the means to turn it around faster, would definitely encourage them to jump in & volunteer first :slight_smile:


(Two spelling errors from initial review already noted, please ignore).

looks very cool, thank you!

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I think you miss the 50% NAP spent cycle and 50% NAP spent devs fund allocation.


Can you please revise flow chart according to Ohmelga so I can also ensure that it is reflected in the chart you requested - Ta :pray::peace_symbol:

I can update the chart but where is that info from about NAP distribution? Trying to find the specifics so I understand exactly what to update

ok I found the info on the website and took a new direction with this