UI/UX contest submissions

Submit your work here.


Here’s a logo I made - looks sharp as an icon, you can see it on my telegram profile :slight_smile: i can provide a high res vectorized pdf as well.


Few Questions:

  1. Do we need to provide UI for zzz.finance or pool.zzz.finance or both??
  2. Is providing mocks enough or anything more needed??

Thanks for the contest

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Hi! The specifications are here: https://medium.com/zzzfinance/zzz-community-ui-ux-competition-3c60dab6a52c

Basically it is for the pool.zzz.finance.

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Thank you for the reply

this is what I have so far


@Cybersage try plugging the logo i made in :slight_smile:


looks cool. good work

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It looks professional, nice any other submission for the contest so far? can not see any!


this is slick af, a nice take on the current one. Loving the colour scheme.

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Here is my submission for the design contest, there are 4 tabs that I mocked up:

Home - Informational page about ZZZ, pretty minimal, more information could be added but I would like to limit the user’s choices to either the “Learn” or “Pool” tabs

Learn - Home of the “ZZZ University”. Since ZZZ will be the first time people use DeFi, and products come out a lightspeed, there should be a place where tutorials and educational content, documentation etc can find a home. Possibly we can do a Coinbase Earn type product, where people can earn NAP/DREAM for learning about the ecosysteem.

Vote - The voting portal is meant to highlight the upcoming proposals for the ZZZ ecosystem. In this concept, users earn rewards for voting, buttons that are labeled purple are what the user voted for. Red/Blue buttons are for proposals that haven’t been voted for

Pools - I tried to pack as much information on the pools page without being overwhelming. Emojis on the Boost/Claim buttons might change to text, but it was done for space saving reasons. The “Network Stats” graph could show things like TVL, price, maybe even a APY calculator as suggested by a team member.

Hope you like this starting point of a design, I look forward to contributing to the ZZZ project!

  • Kones


Both Cybersage’s and Kones’s work is amazing.
However I think regarding of the whole design we should focus on the following key factors: night, sleep, dream, stars, fantasy, Moon, etc. So I think we should use a dark BUT user friendly conception.

I really like the crystal ball icon in both of your works.
We have to be easily distinguishable from the other yield farming platforms.
This is the key to attract new members. I am sure ZZZ’s unique trademark with an expressive design can take us to the Moon!:slight_smile:

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I like Kones work alot. would love to see it a reality, unless something else came to blow it away. :smiley:

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Also this website should have another tab for DREAM POOLS, with same feel and look. People need to understand that Dream is part of the ecosystem!

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Looks good mate, much better than the one above.

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Brilliant stuff Kones! Looks so clean and easy on the eye

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This is “ART”! You have my vote, Kones.

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This UI is sick. Is it a Figma design? How long can I take to develop it?

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Been making some banners. Thought I would revise the logo a bit while I’m at it. Thoughts?


Good work, tho I still prefer the original logo.

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