Step by step tutorial for $dream ETH-USDT pool

I just had to make a step by step tutorial for someone… so i’ll share it here for others.
This tutorial is focused on the ETH-USDT pool because, for noobs, it’s the one that might be the easiest and safest.

  1. Install metamask on chrome

  2. go to

  3. Clic on “browser wallet” and clic “accept” in metamask

  4. Chose your pool and clic here (ie ETH-USDT)

  1. Once on clic on “add liquidity”

  1. You’ll be sent to uniswap pool. You’ll need to “approve” the tokens of the pool (if not already done)

  1. Then you must add the same value of both tokens : 50% ETH + 50% USDT

  2. Then clic on “add liquidity”. You’ll have once again to confirm in metamask. Could take some time.

  3. Once the transaction is confirmed, you’ll notice your USDT et ETH have disapeaed from your wallet, but you now have something called “UNISWAP v2 (Univ2)”.

  4. Go back to and you’ll need to “approve USDTETHLP” (Liquidity provider for ETH - USDT pool)

  1. Then clic on “max”

NB : they take 3% of your UNIV2 token when you join.

  1. That’s it. Your rewards will appear here, and you’ll need to claim them so they can go to your wallet.

  2. When you want to end the game. Just go back to uniswap. Just clic on “exit”

  1. The UNIV2 token will come back in your wallet. To convert them back to 50% USDT - 50% ETH, just go back the uniswap and select the “pool” tab. You’ll see the eth-usdt pool and your share in it. Clic on it, and select “remove”.

Just remember there are fees for transactions EVERYWHERE :sweat_smile: : approve tokens, swap them, adding liquidity, staking, claiming rewards, exiting and removing liquidity… from 2$ (approve) to 30$ maybe more (exiting).

So no need to play with small money. I think 1k should be the minimum.

Last tip : if you ever wonder what’s the value of your ETH-USDT UNI token, just check its price here :

Et voila ! :wink: