Request: Disclosure of basic concepts for incentive structures and mechanics

I’m seeing lots of discussion about logos and pretty website designs, and even about which tokens to support in pools, but what I don’t see is any documentation about how any of this is supposed to actually work sustainably.

Are there any plans for how the project will continue to function after the supply is fully distributed?

How will pools reward stakers?

And how will ZZZ be tied into future systems so it may retain value?

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do list more questions. I think you’ve raised some good points that deserves more attention.

i discovered ZZZ yesterday, and now I’m running their discourse for them.

great if you could provide a few directions to research or think

A thought Is something following Fantom Finance lead.

We have a lending protocol, people use their top 50MC coins as collateral. To receive a Zusd or something. The collateral is held until paid back and they can’t borrow more then say 50% of the value of what they stake.

Fees, or margin called tokens due to lending power too high vs collateral is pooled and shared amongst those staking their ZZZ in the pool.


I quite like it! is there a source you could direct us to learn or could you map it out how it works, so the community can quickly learn and decide


Checkout how FTM are doing things. I think we could do something similar with the collateral side of things fmint and FLend I was looking at.

Any way to narrow this down in the form of bullet points? so we can review together and decide. Given the short attention span of community members

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No worries I’ll put more thought into it but this is a starting point to see if it’s worth pursuing.

Mint zUSD using your collateral top 20-50 MC token. Eventually could go down the road of actuall assets with smart contract too…but start with crypto holdings

200-300% collateral ratio (eg…10k deposit in collateral gets them 3k-5k loan)

Rebalance at any time to remove collateral

TX fees, interest accrued and any margin call events for people not rebalancing and collateral ratio hitting 1:1 with debt goes into pool. ZZZ stakers in pool get equal weekly reward payout based on holdings staked.

If unstaked you forfeit that week periods rewards


Genius! i am smelling a brand new financial defi product!

He’s literally talking about copying an existing project.

Litecoin copied Bitcoin.

Tron copied Ethereum and Filecoin.

QTUM copied Ethereum and Bitcoin.

it’s all relative.


These ideas are good… I also like the concept of a geyser to stake liquidity tokens to incentivize people to hold them

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