Proposal: Decentralization of all liquidity

Since DeFi by istelf is hard to understand for most people, here we will resume why $ZZZ is and will be giving the highest yields.

$ZZZ is designed to accumulate liquidity thru time, and we want to hold it as much as we can, banks will always print money and that make it loose his value over time but we can HODL and increase that fiat value over the time we can even increase others assets value since we are going to implement dynamic vaults that can handle portfolios, wallets, keys, etc, multi-asset (even stock market assets), multi-chain (blockchain agnostic) if we organize and put all our EQUITIES into a single token, and if we start staking that token (HODL liquidity) we can use that liquidity to invest in a new ecosystem. We reward all $ZZZ holders by boosting their rewards if they decide to keep staking and holding $ZZZ, the longer the dream the the better (inception), thats why $ZZZ nucleous is built to:

1)reduce selling pressure since we will prefer to keep staking and earning that enourmous % yield

2)reduce circulation supply available at exchanges since most holders will be staking it instead of trading it

3)ever increasing price, the % of tokens available to the market will be at 18 decimals, we are not giving tokens to exchanges so they can list them.


A market maker (MM) is a firm or individual who actively quotes two-sided markets in a security, providing bids and offers (known as asks) along with the market size of each. MM should only

For DeFi success we need REAL decentralization of all aspects of economy, and one that is essential is the liquidity providing since that could lead to market manipulation because in order to be a liquidity provider you must posses enourmous amounts of $$ (equities) to keep the market running, and if you are a liquidity provider and you want to manipulate price (pump/dump) you just reduce the liquidity you are providing and then put sell/buy orders with that liquidity, look at order books live while pumping happens everytime, suddenly buy/sell walls dissapear (they dont get eaten), that motherfuckers,

Binance, Huobi, Kraken, all that markets are based on the liquidity given by BTC, that’s why they have highest liquidity with that pairing in most cryptos(check volume between different pairings) in most cryptos, that’s Why bitcoin remains as the “standard” because of level/power of liquidity, and since most liquidity provided to pair a new listing is given in BTC all BTC price fluctation will affect all the others pairings.


What if we organize as society and stop that fucking pyramid (the one with the eye). First steps have been made by BTC(cryptonization of fiat), ETH (smarts contracts), ChainLink (Avoid arbitrage, bad price reference) now we are going after liquidity, we are going to provide liquidity to the cross-chain dexchanges and like centralized exchanges do we will also fund new projects with the condition that a % of their tokens will be locked at a Neutral Funding vault so projects that are succesfull will be the ones that will fund the next project since their value is locked, we are going to provide more liquidity than aave, we are going to give loans, we will also give higher interest compound than BlockFi, we are going after every aspect of the economy!


This is interesting, YFI crew way ahead pushing for sushi in expectations that it will lead to Uniswap crash, as YFI are steps ahead their community in this market are rapidly changing nthe market - what’s the update on our strategy, are our next 5 steps still relevant or is revision required?

Also attached is YFI’s model, can the Community please get some transparency regarding how our Dev pooling system or systems (Treasurey equiv of YFI) works. Is it capped or % based? Is Dev pool spending subject to Community gov voting protocols, etc… transparency = investor confidence = capital = growth = fantastic return on investment = more demand + more growth more return :rocket::full_moon_with_face: