Proposal: Advertising

ZZZ could use tools like or free alternatives to advertise news and encourage users by offering NAP or DREAM rewards

We can talk about the idea.


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Once the audit is complete; assuming everything passes… assembling a “biz” team could be of huge benefit to the community.
If community members were into this; the “biz team” will need a private forum to converse.
ZZZ is one of the better projects out there. Once the audit is complete and a roadmap is in place; regarding future pools/plans; this is a hard for project fudders to FUD.


Your answer is very interesting and I think it is a very good idea but I will specify more the proposal

We can use these tools to promote tweets, publications and get followers in RRSS to attract new investors.

For example:

Campaign A

Objective: Community users retweet the news of the audit and get followers on the ZZZ twitter account.

Reward: Enter the X NAP or X DREAM raffle

The platform saves all the users who have completed the objectives and enter the raffle of the reward

This will make users much more active in social networks and promote our community more quickly



Observing the crypto landscape; have come to see the order of crypto releases.

Stage 1: insiders; devs, investors, friends of theirs.
Stage 2: telegram, discord (devs, marketing team)
Stage 3: biz
Stage 4: twitter, youtube; expansion of telegram, discord communities.

Just looked into Davids reccomendation of; this is a clever idea.
Once the audit is done; heavy focus on Stege 3 & 4; if timed in a coordinated perfectly; will bring maga attention to the community.

Once the audit is complete our comunity can draw attention to zzz with heads held high
ie: we are marketing a legit, audited project that will not be rug pulled.