NFT,NFT concept

zzz need NFT,similar meme

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I am very interested in combining NFTs and Defi. It does not yet exist and is a huge opportunity for zzz to be the first mover in this field, as I can’t find anyone else moving (publicly) on it. My idea is still fuzzy, but is along these lines:

  • make a collection of NFTs
  • these NFTs can be used (individually or in sets) to farm crypto and receive rewards (either tokens or NFTs).
    -gamify DeFi using NFTs.
    Can anyone update me on zzz’s NFT plans. I am really excitied about hearing about it.
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Not sure what the devs are doing yet but you can see other projects like crypto kitties, sandbox, gods unchained and my crypto heroes for examples. You can also look on the trading platform dapp expert or opensea and it will show you a ton of them.

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NFTs are a small revolution in the crypto revolution.
I think it might be a good idea to use it for marketing.
Ex: Create NFT and distribute them for free in the form of an airdrop in order to draw attention to the project.
In any case, we are clearly in the era of airdrop marketing.

I think we need to think bigger about NFTs.
We need to wrap Defi INTO NFTs.
They are not just for an airdrop for marketing. This is poor marketing.
You will see what yearn is up to…turn everything into a fun collecting game.
Get prizes and rewards. NFTs are the key to the whole magic.