New Pool outside

Hello All

I think one of the idea to get the zzz environment moving forward will be to have farm outside. For example pylon project are moving forward and using other coins for their farm ( not even LP ). We can propose them farm with nap or zzz.
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That’s actually a great idea !


That sounds like a great idea to me would bring a lot of new money and eyes into our ecosystem.

Just discovered Pylon last night. The project is incredable if legit.
If Our Devs know the Pylon Devs; would it be possible to use non circulating ZZZ to buy a percentage of their mining/solar farms.
In doing this our NAPs and DREAMs could be tied to a real world commodities and/or assetts.
Very much like this idea; listening to the Devs last night; staking rewards within the Pylon ecosystem are paid out as a dividend.
ie. Invest in Pylon (a mining farm); you are paid out based on the profits that the mining farm generates.
If our community were to addopt such an idea. How do we tie NAP / Dream into the Pylon ecosystem where NAP / DREAM is conected to assets / commodities.