Multiplier Question for ZZZ staking

I want to change ZZZ to ZZZ_Nap but need help with the global multiplier and where it applies.

If I have 10 ZZZ tokens and currently have the 30% global multiplier, but convert the ZZZ with nap to form ZZZ_Nap to stake in the snoozer pool, will the amount of ZZZ be the same and will I still receive this multiplier, or does the reduction from, for example, 10 ZZZ tokens to 9 tokens reduce the multiplier to the status of 5 ZZZ tokens?

No you won’t receive the multiplier from the zzz you convert to NAP or any ZZZ for that matter in the snoozer pool, for that you have to just keep them in your wallet, or you can have zzz in the Yawn or Napper pool count toward bonus.

So, ZZZ_Eth_Uni_LP liquidity in the yawn pool counts, but ZZZ_Nap_Uni_LP liquidity in the snoozer doesnt? Is it pool specific or just ZZZ or ZZZ_Eth_Uni_LP is applicable not ZZZ_Nap_uni_Lp?

Right, Snoozer pool doesn’t, but Yawn and Napper ZZZ count toward the global boost.

It seems I have read somewhere that Staked ZZZ_Eth in the yawn pool doesn’t add to the global boost :(. Will try it anyway.