Make ZZZ Great Again

1) Explaining why ZZZ is dumping, and will keep dumping in the current situation. (Even when without taking bugs into account)

Let’s imagine ZZZ is $1k, total supply is 20k, and there is no NAP.

To summarize: 20k ZZZ = $20M

That’s the market cap of the entire ZZZ community.

Now we create NAP out of thin air, total supply of 20M, suggested 1kNAP:1ZZZ ratio.

To summarize: 20M NAP = 20k ZZZ (Market cap of NAP)

But money isn’t created out of thin air, the market cap of the entire ZZZ community stays the same.

To summarize: 20K ZZZ + 20M NAP = $20M

NAP essentially doubled the total supply of ZZZ.
Our money is split between ZZZ and NAP.
2) What would make ZZZ and NAP go up in value ?

NAP has been created, dilluted our ZZZs and there is no going back.

The only way to increase ZZZ and NAP is to increase the money coming in the ZZZ community.

Creating a new token would only dilute our market cap further.
3) The Solution

We can copy what has done successfully with their Syndicate programs.

  • You stake and lock your tokens for a duration
  • You receive rewards in a token that already exist somewhere else

Stake 10k NAP for 1 day, receive 100COVAL/day
Stake 10k NAP for 7 day, receive 120COVAL/day
Stake 10k NAP for 30 day, receive 150COVAL/day

It solves the problem by connecting to outside money.

ZZZ is NAP, and NAP is ZZZ, so rewarding ZZZ for NAP is a snake feeding on himself.
We need to feed on others.

Every week we should anounce a partnership of this sort. And we fund it using the staked NAP.
The more successful the previous pool was (how much new money has come in), the more we can re-invest in the next pool (next token).

That system would be far more profiteable for the community, as opposed to reward ZZZ with NAP.

Let’s use the strategy has been using to become the giants they are now


Good Points. Devs please look into this!!


This is a good remark. Specially the one you mentioned about yielding or connection external money, I like it. But also I like the staking strategy of One more thing is that the yeild mount when locked for certain time should not lower than certain percentage coz its money being locked. It might harm to a community. Another point I would like to mention is that what if we can integrate or just make partnership with some tokens that has staking features like band, link, and other defi apps. Thanks

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OMG - I can only speak for myself, but this mess in the centralised world of central banking printing presses & fractional reserve banking is what led me to discover Defi and subsequently ZZZ.

I just saw NAP swaps on Uniswap, I read the voted in bug correction and was like WTH, this methodology is what is devaluing currency in the centralised world of finance!

Has no one learned anything from YFI? That community FOMO’d the bajeevas out of their token to pool in loads of liquidity which they have voted to vault and create decentralised finance products from (against that huge pool) to start earning passive income streams as “rewards” for their token holders.

I know we are not YFI, but we are still defi, the same basic principles of finance apply, how could we have chosen the printing press devaluation option that is plauging the global tradditonal centralised system?..

Because we are a truely democratic Community! :+1::slight_smile: - now if we can all come together rationally to strategise and problem solve, I actually think we can come together to flip this into a great opportunity (reasons described below :point_down:)

I will read the suggestion above, as we all should whereby we must come together to scenario plan , find holes in it and plug those holes with creative thinking, strategies as well as be open to alternatives including successful crisis management cases studies from centralised finance world which may also work and ensure an informed democratic process takes place this time…

There is more to our value (or loss of in this case) than the liquidity pool as has been so well articulated above…

You know what else can increase our value - solving this problem…it will send a huge message to the market about what type of Community we…creative, strategic, resilient, passionate, committed & community value driven :peace_symbol:

…OK now your turn to add to this very important conversation :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down:

Can someone please provide the exact stats on how much we have diluted our pool by so we can get an overall valuation on what each token as been diluted to, once we know how much value our community had lost on a per token bases, we can start setting benchmark targets to start brainstorming solutions from - I don’t think there is going to be a quick fix and another a second decision resulting in devaluing the token again could be far worse than bottoming to the lower hundreds again…I hate to say it, but but short term trade offs might have to be made by the community, short term pains for long term gains… because it’s clear that fear of short term pains had devalued the Community - we have just traded out of our unique low token position and renegged on the contract of no more minting :woman_facepalming: - should of taken the loss


Ok I think I have got it - what is the unintended consequence of the “fix”?:

Scarcity, we have lost it.

Instead of trading NAPs for ZZZ can we partner with a player in the online gaming space and NAPs can be traded for rare gaming tokens and sold in that space?..crypto numismatics is another area? - popular in Asia and gets us introduced to new markets?

…this will slowly disperse of the NAPs (stake them into gaming/numismatics pool for sale with partner), preserve the scarcity of the ZZZs, improve our profile/more exposure in the defi space whilst pooling in more liquidity.

…I guess it’s similar to what has already been suggested albeit some different market ideas… again secnario planning to perceive unintended consequencs, cost benefit analysis, etc for all suggestions should be put forward to the community/undertaken by the community for informed voting (I’m my humble opinion) :slight_smile:

Also if any other brain Stormers out there are like me & more visual with this kind of stuff & would like to collab on some SWAT/cost benefit analysis/risk to reward infographs for their ideas to put forward to the community pleas let me, I do these for another community project waaay outside of the Defi space at a physically local level…on the bright side though as at this point it doesn’t look like the market is completely aware or concerned regarding dilution…but in the words of the YFI community perhaps “few understand this” for now. :peace_symbol:


I noticed in proposals this morning that some of the community are broaching the idea of merching with suppliers already volunteering for the product - is this an avenue we can use to collect and burn NAP tokens (is buring tokens even an option?, or can they only be vaulted)?

I also found this 101 article which some may find a useful read on how centralised finance has reduced shares:,on%20the%20market%20is%20reduced.

However I lack confidence if we vault in a way that makes it easy for the community to vote am unlock and dump these tokens into the market again… scarcity must be a permanent solution…or at least clarity what our vision from here is for long term investors?

  • Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is great that this project is evolving to provide our creative members opportunities, and this idea in itself is a great way to start pooling other coins,

:tipping_hand_woman: however from a long term investor perspective, the strategy and vision remain unclear after NAP, because whilst it is clear we want to go BIG, building a BIG pool of capital which allows for return token holders & future projects remains unclear:

Investor confidence and attraction to contract token scarcity lost, loss in investor sediment = loss in demand = :chart_with_downwards_trend: price = reduced ETH pool (capital)

:tipping_hand_woman: Where to from here because merch alone is not going to pool enough capital to re-pump our token values to pre-nap ZZZ, to drive investor sediment and the market to pump up token value and thereby ZZZ capital pool to achieve our vision of growing “BIG”.

Also a great consequence of the fix provided in a separate thread by Titus whom I have replied to, to join this conversation

Hi Leoss,

My recommendation put forward to the community below:


I don’t know if passion is enough anymore, where are the Devs @Hamza? No engagement despite news that 5% of ZZZs sitting on TigerCoin, community proposal pushing for the burning of ZZZ (a ploy to burn the mysterious ZZZ sitting on TigerCoin :thinking:) whilst increasing developer pool of nap and thereby by governance rights.

What is going on?

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This is why after audits we need to fix the governance. I feel devs are giving it their all and are assuming they are doing right by their actions. They still need guidance by governance. After all the dev/s still need to converse with the community through governance to also put forward what is realistic and what is within their capabilities.


I agree - the Devs are giving it their all, I beleive that governance is definitely coming after the audit & that the audit will also lead to faster development of pipeline projects

When I wrote the above, I was concerned about market cap dilution however I have since understood the need for a robust liquid Dev pool; = Dev Liquidity = Community project progress.

TBH, I hadn’t really taken the time to actually consider the governance & ZZZ market/trading power the Sooner V1 handed over to a few and possible risks, scenarios that could play out as a result.

I do commend the serious & long invested community members for jumping in & buying the dip when large ZZZ transactions are dumped into the market…in theory it means we has a community are protecting ourselves from a dump to zero - :+1: kudos to the team.

After having more time to ponder, it would be nice to know whether any anti whale, swing trading strategies of ZZZ will be put in place (or risk disclosure for LT investors whom are new uni LP staking) …but I now know that it will be all in good time - I didn’t know until recently that our Strategist doesn’t like to make announcements until delivery & I totally get it as a reputational risk mitigation strategy - anywho with this knowledge I am now trying my best to be a silent investor as to not rock the boat and patiently wait for project announcements on delivery :sweat_smile:. :peace_symbol: