Logo Discussion

Came up with this quickly - thoughts?

cool entry. but quite prefer the eye lid as it means sleep

We should probably have 1 logo thread instead of making a new thread for each proposal, so I’ll post this one here.



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I still think finance should be in the logo for now. because it helps user search on google better and also we can always evolve into the newer zone with out finance and then eventually without ZZZ

a bit too basic lol.

I mocked this up earlier today

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ohh. interesting. can you render a few more versions. the eye lid is a bit thick, but interesting to look at.

the font Z should be changed

can you or someone send some ideal fonts so i can download them and apply them. i dont have many sadly.

always welcome you to draw them :slight_smile:

this is quite cool. Are those stairs to get some zzz’s?

Some one made this one at the telegram group

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too simple, imho. wonder what other people have to say

too simple, and does not really capture the sleeping and feeling relaxed identity

How about we use a vintage styled reversed version of the all-seeing-eye that is commonly used to represent the financial elite and freemasonry.

The reversed-all-seeing eye a.k.a the closed eye representing privacy, public good and decentralization instead of centralized power & deception.

edit: this is only a draft. The eye should be shut in the final logo of course.

This is really cool, i liked the blue. The new website’s colour scheme can be blue, black and white but with simplicity.

I like the white and black really.

I am super biased with colors

gonna mock up another tomorrow, and take on board all the feedback here.

let’s try to get a finalised vote in to the community by end of week.