Lack of improvement


I am sure the team is working hard, but to be honest unfortunately I haven’t seen much in the last 2-3 weeks…
We need a crypto exchange listing (what you already announced), a new design (for example for the pool site), marketing, use case (does ZZZ have a use case at all?), partnerships, farming with other tokens (not ZZZ, NAP or DREAM)…

I have chosen ZZZ instead of when DFI was ~130 USD. In September DFI was more than 9000 USD…

I didn’t like DFI because I thought it is just YFI 2. I thought ZZZ is a much better concept.
Since the end of August ZZZ’s price is constantly decreasing…

Sometimes I am wondering I should sell my ZZZ tokens with a ~70-80% loss… And I don’t think I am the only one… It is still more than 0. Because right now I don’t see anything what could reverse ZZZ’s sinking…

If you do, please write your opinion below this topic.


Hello, I understand your frustration with the price of the token, but to say that nothing has been done is wrong, everything is in progress, the listing, the audit, the partnerships.
Many are impatient and keep asking when, when, when.
But you who invested in September are no longer a few days or weeks ready.
I understand that this requires patient and a lot of perseverence, but understand that the evolution of this project is particularly very interesting because they have proceeded in this way to make this project an honest and transparent project above all at a time or remember the challenge was in full bullrun but full of scams and in which the majority agreed that everything was only scam or doomed to disappear.
So yes of the projects we took a lot of value and yet not zzz because they have privileged the trust and the credibility above all and their values ​​which today carries all its community and that to the detriment of the Pump of the century.
They are in the process of building everything that the challenge has for carrence: Credibility, confidence, solidity.
It’s a bit like the story of the hare and the turtle.
I bought ZZZ for $ 420 and I’m ready to go all the way to zero just because I really like the values ​​and principles of putting seriousness and trust before money.
But believe me it will never go to zero, they are built slowly but surely so yes it’s frustrating to see your portfolio show - 70% but remember that the price does not reflect the project and that the price can be overvalue as underestimate but this project is really one of the most solid and legitimate.
Horror finance and cord are the proof!
Now that things are clear to the majority of people with fear of scams and this is very important for the future.
And Now that the most important is done, the team begins to focus on exchanges, other partnerships that will without any doubts increase the price and well you just have to look at the market cap to understand that its can very X100 very quickly.
So here is my advice, you have had the persevenence to wait for me now, wait a little longer and you will not regret it.
And you will certainly even see a lot of challenge projects that people have an unmerited trust turn into scam or exit scam, which will not happen here. I CAN GUARANTEE THAT !!
Be strong my friends we are a community above all, I send you all my courage to hold out in these times that YOU think are difficult but do not lose hope at the end of the tunnel! because the light is coming.
(Pardon if the translator distorts my words or their meaning, I am French and I use google traductor)