Lack of communication & moderation by devs on Twitter/Telegram

Last night, the Telegram became flooded with FUD, spam and racist memes. People were trying to figure out what was going on as some people were saying devs exit scammed, others were saying there was a bug, and even others were saying nothing was going on at all. The price collapsed from $400 to $90. There were NO developers or administrators in the Telegram at all to explain the situation. No official news on Twitter. No official news on the website. No official news on the forums.

There ABSOLUTELY has to be more communication with the community as these things happen. When a bug like last night is found, I understand it’s critical to fix it, but it is equally as critical to post a quick update on Twitter to dispel any notions of a ‘rugpull’ or exit scam. If there are not enough team members, the devs/admin need to quickly add more to the team who are in the loop. There are plenty of people in the community who are qualified to take on an admin role.