Is there a ZZZ AMA group?

Is there a ZZZ group that does AMA’s?

Doing AMA’s gives a ton of exposure if done properly.
You could go onto blocktalks (5,600 members), Crypto revolution (11,500 members), Satoshi Club (29,000 members), plus many more.
They also provide translators so you can get to more investor groups.


Great idea! I think this could really give some insight into our niche.

Talked to Crypto Revolution which has 11,500 members.
For him to conduct an AMA in his group is 200 USDT host Fee and 100 USDT Rewards for Community.
We would need to raise the funds and need someone who is well versed on the roadmap to represent ZZZ.


we should do AMA…also maybe youtube interviews or youtuber sponsored episode or something

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