How many Addresses exploited the Bug?

Can we get a number of how many addresses exploited the Bug on pool C please? Also, is it possible to see the addresses of the admins from this project to confirm they didn’t participate in this exploit?


Agree could be one (of a few) important steps in restoring confidence in the token.

Well advertised move to compensate/offset losses = gesture to wider crypto community that ZZZ a serious long-term project = further investor interest = ZZZ moonshot… Sounds like sense to me… :heart:


@Coyote in the Telegram chat found the 9 addresses responsible. Had a look at them, some sold off but some are still holding their ZZZ & NAPs probably waiting for a pump before they sell. Point is, they can be tracked, and are not as anonymous as they think.


Could you please post them here? I need them for a lawsuit preparation. And I was banned from telegram.

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