(Guide) How to stake in ZZZ Balancer pool (Pool A)

This is the first draft of a basic guide for staking in pool A.

BIG thing that will be added to the guide is that you might not be able to only stake ZZZ, because the tokens in the pool are kept in a certain ratio. Pure DAI is the safer option.

The biggest challenge I’ve seen people struggle with has been finding the Balancer pool itself, so I decided to add a link straight to it.
If something is missing or could be described more clearly, let me know below.


:sunglasses::+1::+1::+1::+1: great work mate!

Hi Harmi,
Thanks so much for making the guide. I’ve got a couple of problems. Firstly, when I click on Get BPT on Pool A & go to the Balancer Pool management page, it doesn’t see the Dai in my wallet. It sees eth, zzz as a contract, some other coins etc but not the Dai. Also when I click Add Liquidity I just get a spinning circle and nothing appears to be happening even after a refresh. Any ideas, thoughts? What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Tony