Governance & Voting 🗣

Dear ZZZ community members,

First of all, I would like to thank the development and the people behind the scenes for their great efforts for getting us this far.

Second, I’m creating this topic because I have seen the debate regarding the governance and voting on telegram with the small pinned poll which is kinda of undermining and weakening the base of this foundation. We all know that ZZZ is what should have been a new form of governance system and the value of ZZZ is determined by the contribution and innovation of the community as a whole. So a debate of whether or not voting should be implemented at this stage is totally against the creation of this community-centred project.

Finally, what I am proposing is an interim governance system on snapshot. You can create a space on snapshot for any token, then members can go to the space and can create and vote for a proposals, 1 choice per voter type of vote, and result is calculated on a specific block time decided on proposal creation. The voting in an out case is done on-chain, but since it happens on their side-chain it’s rather cheap, I have been using it to vote for a while and it cost me almost to nothing.

This is the link of snapshot:

Many thanks


sounds like a could be a good idea, depending how the initial vote goes

Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy to verify and hard to contest results.

  • Creating a proposal and voting is free no transaction

  • Proposals and votes are just signed messages stored on IPFS

  • Signatures are easily verifiable online they use the “eth_sign” format

  • We don’t have any token

  • It’s free to create a space it take 5mn

  • Space can have their custom domain name

  • Space can have their own skin

  • Fully open source with MIT license

  • We don’t use any tracking or ads in our site

I was looking into setting it up and saw this:

Now to be on the homepage it require a manual validation, you’ll need to have your space active with few proposals and ideally significant participation rate.

but it does seem like we can setup a space and still link to it


1+ Snapshot, lets do it. It will get everyone in the flow of using gov for when the gasless version is ready.


+1 Seems to hit all the check marks

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Hello and thank you for sharing with the community your vision, solution and therefore your help.
I think this is a question that we will have to resolve at some point, 1- choose a main governance but in total collaboration with the community which will have real power over the decisions and actions of the project or 2- have a fully managed governance and manage by its community one can as you wish. I would choose 1 for the simple reason that if the goal of option 2 is to achieve total decentralization, option 1 can also and is more safe when in the future.
In any case both solutions adhere to the very principle of those who created ZZZ. On the other hand I think that it is a little too top in view of the number of people who voted that shows that the majority is not yet sufficiently interested and attentive to this type of details yet capital shows that option 1 would be preferable.
Of course, this is only my opinion and I really want the debate because the idea of ​​bringing together our brains in order to bring to this project the value it deserves excites me enormously.

I think votes needs to be done via 1 x NAP or DREAM - one is chosen for this

This way you know it’s been voted by the ZZZ community & no outside influencers are manipulating the vote.

You set up two different erc20 contracts

  1. Yes
  2. No

All the tokens for the vote once ended go towards one of the staking pools :ok_hand:

Yes it might cost less than a dollar $1 to vote due to gas but it also makes those who are in this project give a legitimate vote :ballot_box:

I don’t think someone outside this project will take the time & effort to do this which will make the voting process’s lot more legitimate.

You can keep the same contracts for ongoing future poll votes :ballot_box:

Once again just a suggestion :wink:

Proposed by Jason Laird (@Jason_Laird from ZZZ TG)


Guys idk maybe this is not the way to go but what if we Stake zzz in a yes/no voting pool to determine vote outcome at snapshot (with nap/dream function-- ?) Just some ideas maybe it was already mentioned

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback.

It’s clear that you all are eager to participate in the success of this project.
I hope the devs would take our request into consideration and create a space so we all can constructively contribute.

Snapshot is a very useful tool recognized and widely used be well established projects and lately Aragon ( It will be a great instrument for us to use at the moment until gasless gov model, which might take awhile is complete.

Nap and Dream should have nothing to do with voting. ZZZ is the governance token. Votes are weighted based on your ZZZ balance at the specific block time decided on proposal creation.

Kind regards.


about the actual governance, would be nice to create automatically a topic in this forum about the proposals and link it into the gov page so it can be discussed. Maybe there should be some dedicated section for governance in this forum with those proposals by the way.
Could also be a good way to explain a little further the concept (pro / cons) about the proposals in the description.