Funds for getting various projects accomplished

Being that we are a community based project and community is very important to us, I was thinking maybe we could have a bunch of community based funds that we can do various projects with (especially when governance is implemented) . This is just the beginning of a thought process, so I’ll be updating it and hopefully getting alot of input from everyone.

  1. Types of funds.

A. Marketing based: First thing that came to mind was Marketing, I know theres a dev fund, but what if we had a marketing fund that was specifically for marketing and expanding awareness of ZZZ. We could use the fund for paid advertisements, billboards, sponsoring, content creation. It would bring so many more eyes on ZZZ and build up our market cap exponentially.

B. Charity based funds. Most of my ideas are kind of in line with marketing, but we can also have projects that are charity based. Donating to a cause for good that is sponsored by ZZZ, or getting our

  1. How
    A. Possibly we can use a nap boost for higher yield, one time boost goes directly to a specific fund
    B. Nap boost that you can toggle on and off for higher yields but gives a percentage of that pool to a specific fund
    C. Or a specific pool that if staked you get a higher apy, but all profits from that pool have a percentage go to a specific fund.

Post Ideas and mechanics that you think could work in here.


I think it’s a very good idea!
Increasing funds to develop more would clearly be positive for the growth of the project.
I am not experienced in crypto development, but I think that in view of the farming returns that are provided to all participants in the pools we can really allow ourselves to earn less for the participants and more for the projects. by reducing the gains of the swimming pools and therefore increasing the investment funds for the project.
In any case, increasing the marketing budget would seem really a good thing to me because I believe I understood that unfortunately a crypto can have an exceptional fundamental, without good aggressive marketing, the market will not even notice it.
Anyway I am also ready to participate in the fund for marketing, for example those who can afford to donate 1 ZZZ, there are many of us and we can I think quickly bring together the necessary funds for aggressive marketing!
Also know who will be doing the marketing and how they are going to do it, how much do they need.
We are more than a community, we are the people we will be successful no matter what.

Excuse me in advance for the pronunciation errors and misspellings, I am French and I translate everything with google translate and as you sometimes know this is not exact.