FAQ Page for ZZZ Investors- Post FAQ's and Answers here to be transferred to the Website

TG is fine for chat and announcements but we need a structured platform to keep up with everything else. Tg room has so many repeated questions about issues or other things that we could just direct them to the platform that states the issue, progress reports and the resolution if and when it happens.
If it needs to be here that’s fine too but we need to point the community to it and give a format to follow.

And please delete the discord channel. If an investor goes to the website then clicks the link to discord ZZZ looks like a dead project and you lost them.


Like a FAQ page? Because I think this is a good idea and did propose this after AMA sessions. I was told it has been noted - maybe it’s coming out on the new website?

I am sure someone will be able to confirm.

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Yes a way for when a potential investor lands on the website they can get all the correct information needed, plus a way to relay information back and forth to the main tg room. Right now information seems scattered about. As far as platform I mean have everything in one app being either here or something like trello which seems more manageable.

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Shall Community members start copying and pasting them here as we encounter them in TG? It makes the FAQ page project easier as it will be a discretionary use and edit on their part?

Sounds good to me, this is a community project after all. We need to help grow our investment. I will also edit the topic.

So anyone can post a FAQ and Answer here, someone from the website team can pull relevant FAQ’s from here and list them in a logical order form broad subject to specialized subject.

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