Dreamer Pool Frozen for my ZZZ stake - How to unfreeze?

Hi My pool seems to have frozen - Its no longer staking and the APY and WPY % values are empty.
How do I safely unfreeze this and reconnect ?


" This pool is being retired approximately at:

26th Aug 18PM GMT+3

Look out for our new pool announcement!"

looking forward to more info!

Great i just got here … so ill move to Napper.

Ok so ive exited the dreamer pool - where do i get or recieve the days worth of staking credits ? ZZZ_ETH_UNI_LP - theres nothing to see in metamask

Dear ZZZ Team, you really should release proper documentation as and when you decide to do these things. The Telegram channel is going crazy right now with people trying to work out exactly what has happened and what they should be doing next.

Perhaps we can construct a better communication / public PR team for ZZZ?