Critical - We need a news feed on the main website

No coin in DEFI can succeed without a growing member base, just like the real fiat economy, it is mathematically impossible. People here wonder why audit news has not grown our base, it is because visitors to our website don’t even know. Therefore the need for a news feed with up to date info on development is vital. Right now on the main page, there is no link at all to any news. Please spend 5 minutes to add a link to the medium zzz page Or, spend 10 minutes, and add an RSS news feed from the medium page. Links to twitter would help also, but the medium links are absolutely 100% crucial. This is urgent.

If I were new money and saw a site with 0 news, I would interpret that as 0 development, i.e., a dead coin. I would not invest. Meanwhile the medium page is so busy and full, it is insane not to leverage this. Please add this feed to the main zzz website front page. We need this to attract any new money.


Yes I agree. Not everyone is up to date with twitter or uses telegram. Most newbies will have selected the link from coingecko. Hopefully one of the website developers will read this and fix.

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