Coinbase wallet not connecting

Hi can someone please look into the problem with coinbase wallet not connecting. Thanks

Use metamask please.

Other wallets have not been working well

You can post more info.

  1. What error u recieved?
  2. Have u tried clearing ur browser cache and retried ?
  3. Did u managed to try in other browser or in incognito mode ?

See if this helps you.

I hate metamask am iPhone user and it doesn’t work well on my phone :tired_face::tired_face:

Can remember the error number the wallet connects thou but then comes up with An error

Use your desktop. It’s the way to do these kind of trades

I’ll try it out thanks

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Sorry but im afraid only metamask will work for now. I wont be able to work on this for some time as i dont feel that it’s critical compared to getting the smart contracts up, but it would be great if we could have devs working on it

this may be a temporary option

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