Cleaning Up the Presentation

I want to preface this by saying that I love the new website, and keep up the good work!.. but I also have some feedback.

I understand keeping up on the theme of ZZZ (sleep) with the DREAM and NAP tokens.

However, I do think we take this to the extreme which causes a bit of confusion which leads to a lack of trust.

Here are a few examples:

Retired [Hourglass Symbol]

I assume this means – Pools that are about to end.

Suggestion: Keep the format, but describe it in simple terms.

ZZZ [Pool Symbol]

I assume these are the active pools, but it just says ZZZ.

  It seems we have both Stake for Rewards and LP's for NAP with the names: Sheep Counting, Napper v2, Dream, Deep Sleep, Yawn, Snore, and Snoozer v2. 

*Suggestion: Separate LP and Staking Pools. Keep the same name for the stake, differentiating them by version or round. Maybe stay away from naming LP Pools?

Gems [Mineral]

I have no idea what the COVAL-ETH pool is. I also don’t know what GEMs are supposed to signify…upcoming pools?

*Suggestion: None. I’m not sure what it is designed for, but perhaps ‘GEM’s’ doesn’t fully describe it.


I like the concept, but is it simply a place where DREAM LP’s can stake? If so, why separate it at all? Is there trading happening here?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

I hope governance is coming along so we can all have a more impactful role in ZZZ.

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