Burn Token Mechanism For Dream to Maintain Value

Hi guys I just come up with a proposal. Same mechanism Porkchop use but in reverse. Instead of burning tokens when buying and people get less tokens. How about we put burn mechanism for people everytime they want to sell their Dream?
I’d say 1% token burn for every sell.

Case: I did my farming and earn 10,000 dream. Now I want to take my profits by selling with usdt pair. With burn mechanism, when I execute sell order I only can sell 9,900 DREAM. The 100 Dream will be sent to burn address.

Benefits: It wont affect people to actively trade since 1% burnt tokens will not impact their profit accounted. But in the meantime it discourage them to do it very often. Hence it holds the market for dumping Dream excessesively, price can be slightly more stable. Also by burning 1% for every sell order it can decrease the circulating supply and counter the high inflation rate Dream has. Win win solution for every party involved.

No need to give it as buyback. It will turn off dream farmers.