Better Communication

Hello everyone.

First of all let me say a big thank you and give the whole team a nod of appreciation. You’ve achieved incredible things within such a short space of time and it is truly impressive.

That said, I think we have a huge problem with the communication that we’re putting out there. The Telegram channel is swamped with community members asking the same questions. The pinned message is inadequate - every message needs to outline the topic, the why and the need for a solution. Then the answer needs to be provided along with a simple series of instructions on how to process that.

As I wrote in Telegram ‘It’s also pivotal to get this right. The lack of good communication can bring the whole thing down just as quickly as it went up. Sadly, the FUD spreads way faster than the good news so for all the efforts we have to support it with solid communication. It’s a foundation for the development and it actually presents the strongest argument that this is a professional team worth investing in.’

With BTC price falling right now, people are already apprehensive, when we get added fear the price of ZZZ drops very quickly indeed.

Let’s try and communicate better and reassure people that everything is being done with consideration for their investment. Let’s guide them rather than throw ideas at them and hope they ‘get’ it.