Asian Market Ideas

About an hour ago our a number of Asian (I believe Chinese) users flooded our Telegram chat. They said they had interest in ZZZ and wanted to know more. The only problem is we had a difficult time with the translations/communications. One of their main suggestions was trying to get ZZZ listed on an Asian exchange, MXC specifically, in order to gain more exposure to their market.

Other suggestions were to have the website available in Chinese, as well as starting a ZZZ WeChat group.

If we have any Chinese speakers, feel free to reach out. We all know how import this market is.


Please see below; as the markets I speak of in the post below are massive in Asia:

I am a Chinese. As we all know, China is a big market. The problem is that most people don’t know how to get more information about zzz


There is only 2 tg rooms that I see. I would think the first thing to do is get a Chinese tg room going and have mods there that can translate and pass along info. We should have tg rooms in multiple languages.

There are more than 2 TG for ZZZ but we do need people to manage them well.

Nice, I did not see them when I searched. If we can relay and translate future plans and somehow do ama I think it would help. In the past I’ve seen lots of traffic come from our Chinese and Korean friends by doing ama.

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Can u offer any help to promote ZZZ?