API for UI-graph-calculator

We need a API for a simple UI-graph-calculator somewhere on the page, where we could enter a amount to see what the d/m/y return would be.

Pool XYZ: Input amount token/$ x days to calculate = output of token/$ earned

Based on the daily % output of course, would need a hint about that too below the UI.

Feel free to add if you could help setting it up.


@Andre kindly review

Hmm but do you mean an API? We’re talking about the calculator.zzz.finance correct? It just pulls prices from coingecko for now, but i checked the prices and it looks fine to me? I am missing something


prices look ok on the calc - pool A has them wrong way around though :).

By API he means the coingecko circ supply I think, so we can get a market cap… I’d help but not sure what is needed here. A server that calc’s the supply and supplies it to coingecko via an API?

@Andre kindly review

In this case, some people asked about a simple UI-graph-calculator somewhere on the page, where they could enter a amount to see what their d/m/y return would be. Something like that, for this we would probably need a API ?

I’ll update the thread, was late that day, should have added that in the first place

I’m not too sure myself, but this looks like what coingecko is requesting? It should be a one day job i think

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There’s a form to fill in, gave Sam the link last night - needs to be submitted from someone up the chain, think we just need to tell them what the pool addresses are etc so they can exclude them to get a total circulating supply at there end.

Can you kindly post it here?

https://twitter.com/CoinMarketCap/status/1295117020451700740 - is on that tweet from CMC.

@Andre kindly use Or designate @zzz.finance email

No, you are mixing up to 2 APIS here, this thread is for the Calculator we want to integrate on the plattform, so people can see what their return is for a X amount of tokens

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Very true, yes I am getting them mixed up :slight_smile: