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Hello everyone, we have 10 minutes before the start of the AMA, we are very happy that you are here, a meeting today between BCCORE and ZZZ.FIANCE, you can join the discussion below any question:

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Before I get started, I’ll post the AMA session summary so that we can go through it easily
On the main issue, we will divide ama into 3 stages

Part 1: BCCORE questions for guests only

Part 2: We will list the best questions about the project and the project will answer on twitter

Part 3: Open the conversation and the community will ask you questions, you will choose 5 answers, the chosen one will be the winner.

That’s fine, I’ll follow your lead and answer

and I will be the moderator for today’s AMA session, @long0609 will assist us in translating throughout.
Okay let’s go Part 1:
Q1: Can you introduce yourself and your project?

Im hamza, team leader of ZZZ.Finance and will be representing ZZZ on behalf of this AMA.

Our project started from humble beginnings, a community project that was originally a concept cloned from YFI governance has grown and developed into so much more as the community has gotten involved.

Our head DEV Andre Periera gave birth to ZZZ from the ashes of a project called OWO.

ZZZ was created as a community governance token. And our ecosystem was created as a public think tank where like minded entrepreneurs can involve themselves in the direction of our development and the decision making progress that will build our future.

Since then we have grown leaps and bounds expanding our ecosystem.
Bringing in a NAP multiplier, that works as a self sustaining token in the ecosystem, and also bringing in DREAM and aggressive yeilding token that was created to be rewarded until we have enough supply for our plans with gamification and exploring dex

What we plan to do in the defi space is to build and innovate and think outside the box. We will develop a platform where community members can start up and list their tokens inside our ecosystem to be farmed as rewards to the community to create exposure for them.

Also we are exploring not only gamification, but utility swap also.

We are currently also building out our gasless governance system, as a way for all holders to have their say, in an affordable and scalable way

Our current ZZZ ecosystem and it’s utility

ZZZ - Tokenomics
100% Owned by the community.
No OTC, Dev, or Early Wallets.

Total Supply: 20,000 $ZZZ
Utility: Staking, Global Multiplier, Governance, Dividend Distributions, Liquidity.

Total Supply: 20,000,000 $NAP
Utility: Farmable, Can only be paired to ZZZ, Spendable Yield Multiplier, Staking, Liquidity, Ecosystem Layer

Total Supply: ??? $DREAM (Currently not Capped but will be)
Utility: Liquidity, Farmable, Staking, Ecosystem Layer, + further utility being developed

Also we have increased transparency and community trust by initially locking liquidity, also DEV funds are under multi sig control by members of the team. And we have also completed a service agreement to be audited by

Q2: ZZZ is a community-centered DeFi project by the people, for the people.This is really interesting so can you tell us what it really means when it comes to community strength? Please explain in more detail

Yes. ZZZ is a community centred DeFi project by the people for the people.

So how we aim to achieve and strengthen the community’s presence in the direction of our ecosystem is through governance.

Token holders will be able to send proposals to our devs for mechanic / tokenomic / feasibility / viability review, then our devs will asses them, and if feasible they will work on the mechanics to be sent to a community vote YES/NO on whether the proposal is passed and developed into our ecosystem.

How we plan to achieve this is via a 3 phase system The structure of our project is a decentralised governance token That governs itself and its ecosystem that sits beneath it.

When governance is implemented it will be 3 phase,

Phase 1 - submit proposals
Phase 2 - internal team asses viability / mechanics. Proposal either rejected if not viable or feasible, or will be altered to be made viable, by using the core idea and building a viable model off it,
All accepted proposals still may have to be mechanically tweaked by the devs in order to integrate into the ecosystem,
Phase 3 - community vote (zzz holders) will vote YES/NO on proposals for our devs to implement

We have recently completed our first of many buy backs and airdrops, which has actually paved the way for us to look into the amount of ZZZ each wallet has staked in our pools and wrapped up in LP, making our governance system truly free and decentralised and all encompassing of all our members

Q3: As far as we know there are 3 types of tokens: $ ZZZ, $ NAP, $ DREAM, normally a project they use a native token so can u can tell us what the reason is for the project to use 3 types of tokens ? and what is the purpose of it and what is it possible to use on the ecosystem?

I Would love to explain this in depth here so bare with me

Why did we create it ? And why not do it with NAP ?

We want to grow. All of us. The community. The ecosystem. The yield farm. The partnerships. Everything.

ZZZ also works as a global multiplier in the wallet and is known as a global effect, with some exceptions based on the needs of the individual pool.
The following tiered bonus structure applies:

1 ZZZ= 2%
5 ZZZ= 10%
10 ZZZ= 30%
20 ZZZ= 60%

ZZZ is king. ZZZ will always be king. We will do everything to ensure this. No matter what we build, ZZZ will always become bigger and more powerful. It will be the decentralized governance power that controls the future of the project. And, now, we have added an additional use-case:

So why create NAP ?
We decided to go with a self sustaining ecosystem where the multipliers spent (NAP) will be distributed back into the ecosystem at a ratio of 50% to fund rewards for future Pools, and 50% towards the Dev Fund to fund the future initiatives, project needs, and community proposals that will be voted on through our upcoming, decentralized governance system.

This ensures the long term health and viability of the ZZZ ecosystem, thus allowing us to enrich the governance model where we are able to afford the swift execution and implementation of the proposals voted on by our community Holders.

Most importantly, everyone may decide for themselves if they wish to apply the NAP multiplier and, by doing so, not only get better rewards, but also make the project grow by fostering development and more pools.

The idea of a self-sustaining, growing ecosystem model without inflation puts us in a very unique position and sets the ZZZ protocol apart from other major yield farming projects out there in the DeFi space in both stability and sustainability.

Why dream token ?
Simple really, Dream is minted inside the pools as reward in dreamswap much like others, and we will continue the pools until we have enough supply for our gamification utility and potential Dex.

Also 2/3 of the staking fees on Dreamswap go directly to the community ! With 1/3 going back to the dev fund

dreamswap was created off of the idea of aggressive farming, but in a sustainable way. Think of sushi and kimchi issues with hyperinflation, as it hyperinflates their main token, it has a direct effect on its whole ecosystem, where what we have done is added this aggressive yeild farming technique as an added layer to our already established ecosystem. It’s inflation won’t affect ZZZ or NAP, but it’s staking fees will be what buys back the airdrops and dividends to ZZZ holders.

Dream will have multiple utility cases and it’s exciting to see where it will go, and even more exciting to see what the community builds off of it with it when governance is in full swing

We created ZZZ, as it’s initial governance token and global multiplier. NAP as an added multiplier that self sustains income in the project and ecosystem and DREAM which allowed us to aggressively yield while developing its multiple utilities

These tokens all compliment one another, ZZZ and NAP is only tradable via eachother.

So in order to use NAP one must be in the ZZZ ecosystem

We have also evidently shown that we value our community members as 2/3 of the revenue made on Dreamswap goes back to token holders in the form of airdrops / rewards and new pools.

And only 1/3 of Dreamswap revenue funds the development.

yes you are trying to build your token vigorously, i believe ZZZ will be king, right now it is at a sizable price, in the future it will continue to grow again

Moon soon :smiley:

Q4: According to some information ZZZ Finance has a service agreement with CERTIK.IO. We believe this is an important milestone so can you tell us more about it in this agreement and what benefits it will play in the development?

Personally feel it’s extremely undervalued and it has only hit its current price due to a past event that happened with our initial snoozer pool. But we have focused and made a commitment to making the community whole from that event.

We are committed to making sure not one of our members are left out or feel lost. Let’s face it, DeFi is the wild Wild West of crypto with new projects popping up every day, with even fewer of them being legitimate. We don’t run or hide from any events, we re-checked our codes, and contracts, and peer reviewed them by all our devs multiple times before releasing v2 pools, and we also made a commitment and paid a sizeable amount to one of the most reputable auditing firms in certiK io to show our investors and community members that we are building and developing here long term. And focused on the success of the projects future

Yes certiK io and our partnership with them in getting our contracts professionally audited is a huge milestone, many more established projects are in a rush to sign with them, we managed to be slotted in and are now in the process of getting OUR ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM on Dreamswap and ZZZ audited professionally And thoroughly

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Q5: One more question how can we participate in Staking? How does profit work?

Great question! I will answer this now

So how do our pools work ? It’s quite simple

For our pools on

You simply have to buy ZZZ from uniswap and head over to our pools.

You can then stake ZZZ in our pools and be Rewarded in NAP ! ZZZ also works as a global multiplier in our pools where if you hold
1 ZZZ= 2%
5 ZZZ= 10%
10 ZZZ= 30%
20 ZZZ= 60%
and then you can spend this NAP on the pools to get multipliers of 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40% ! So our multipliers total 100% APY.

That’s not all you can do with NAP, you can also stake NAP for DREAM ! And then you can use that DREAM and stake in our pools on Dreamswap ! Where you can also spend NAP as multipliers on those pools.

Dreamswap also has single token staking for DREAM, USDT, WETH and others coming soon.

Also holding ZZZ you will be eligible for our airdrops which are taken at a random snapshot every 3-8 days and you will be airdropped free ZZZ from the buy backs we purchase from the fees on Dreamswap

Interestingly, a lot of incentives are available to wagering users

That’s correct as we are a community project we believe the community should also be rewarded from the revenue of a community project that is community run

Thank you for sharing this very useful information
Great Hamza

OK we will finish part 1
and go to part 2

1.DeFi is so popular that many platforms are competing with each other…when blockchain projects started building protocols & applications to support DeFi. So, what is http://ZZZ.FINANCE strategy to attract more new users in the DeFi world? @disilva20

Our strategy is instead of hype and speculation, we want to build a viable project and viable product that is self sustainable.

Yield farming alone is not sustainable long term, there has to be other use case and utility that goes with this side by side, and this is what we are developing

Explore Use-case outside of yield farming legitimizes the platform. Utility and legitimacy = moving out of NOT JUST yield farming to full marketing = partnership and utility swap integration

Implementing a community based platform for our members to submit projects to filter into the ZZZ.Finance Ecosystem. Giving members a say in projects we collaborate on for community proposals such as those submitted in our forums to be spring boarded into the ZZZ Ecosystem through Yield Farming Pool incentives and drops to help support our community. This will give entrepreneurial startups a legitimate springboard to kickstart their development.

Establishing a Governance System for ZZZ and its Tokenomic Ecosystem in a careful, calculated and fool proof manner. We want to protect the legitimacy of the project’s proposals and make sure (“Humorous” Proposals) don’t waste the time and resources of our community and Ecosystem. This is top priority but it must be done correctly, and it will be.

We are also working on gamification and we all know gaming is addictive, can you imagine farming while playing a game ? Boss fights ? Level ups with nfts ? Lose these fights or levels and you go back to level 1 with low APY with your APY increasing as you progress.

understood, a great global strategy

Go to next question

2.“MARKETING” is the GREATEST STRATEGY for a PROJECT SUCCESS, one of the marketing strategies is “BUILDING A STRONG and BIG COMMUNITY”

What are your Strategies in building a strong and big Community?
What countries does your GREAT PROJECT focus or target right now? @BenedithaC

Well right now we don’t focus on one particular region. Our team is global from all parts of the world, I’m from Australia, some from america, some from Asia, some from Europe, our team is really expanding and growing and so is our community.

We do have marketing strategies in place that will be taking full Effect around our next launch

But we are focusing on spaces, and crypto isnt regionalised to a set place, it’s global, untethered from the real world of finance and global patriotism. Crypto is all inclusive, crypto is decentralised, decentralisation is the way to go, where all members are equally inclusive no matter where they are from, not restricted

great, I can say we are in a global place where all the locals come together because of the attractions ZZZ FIANNCE brings

That’s the plan here for us to all work as one collective think tank, one giant human powered Intelligence and innovation governed by blockchain

wow,place is not limited to people

Okay next question

3.What to zzzFinance campaign strategy will be needed to gain visibility and Holders / buyers? Are there any plans to burn or lock down unsold $ZZZ tokens? And How does zzzfinance maintain and control flexibility, cost, and security? @wmonike

There is no plans to burn ZZZ as we have burned our admin and minter keys. So we can not produce or mint any more ZZZ. There will only ever be 20,000 in existence. And someone black-holed 4 ZZZ by sending it to the contract address by mistake so the true MAX supply is now 19,996 ZZZ.

How we plan and maintain control of security is with locked liquidity and also our multi sig on dev funds.

Also maintaining cost is nap is recycling constantly in the ecosystem

Maintaining flexibility. Governance


next question

4.The function of $ZZZ and $NAP is clear to me, but what is the function of $DREAM? What role does it play within ZZZ Finance? Is it necessary to have all 3 tokens to be able to use this ecosystem? @schumackinho

No it is not necessary at all to hold
All 3, ZZZ is the main token, those who wish to only have a say in governance and direction and vote for other development to participate in the future are welcome to do so.

But as an option people can trade and spend NAP and accumulate it from rewards,

Also dream is an added optional layer into our ecosystem, dreams function and utility at present is as an aggressive yield token. But it’s future utility lays within gamification and dex and utility swaps

understood, thank you for helping me with this question

Okay, last question

5.I found out your website ZZZ provides think-tank, which got my special attention,
Can You share being part of community how I can share my innovation and other ideas to think-tank ? @diegogomes157

Yes, you can share your ideas at !

Also our governance system is currently being built out by our dev team. So you will also have even greater opportunities to sway the direction and make your voice heard by holding ZZZ

Great, also ZZZ.FINANCE built a forum for people to comment on their development.
very good