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How is nft and games are being developed, dis you guys partnered with project that has the experience to deliver quality games and nft? Or is it developed in house @Hamza_alshaami

Questioned by @King_Bob on TG


@Hamza_alshaami do people stuck in snoozer pool get airdrop ?
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Questioned by @RedGh0St on TG.

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Strong support and development NFT!NFT!NFT!

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Can the reply to this question go to here? I don’t have Tg, thanks!

What is really the mission and vision of this ZZZ Finance project? is it simply developing a fully DeFi platform that can benefit your stake users while they can sleep peacefully?

ZZZ… Earn while you sleep, Staking is live and has been for weeks, we have two pool platforms. the mission and vision of the project is to not catch up to other projects, but outpace, out develop, out innovate, as dream and ZZZ expands we will be expanding and scaling our dev team to focus on certain developments more efficiently. the back end will grow as volume grows, we believe in reinvesting in talent, growing and scaling a dev team with our revenue is key to that

Hopefully this is something that can be answered, I myself was stuck in this pool and lost a considerable amount and I could not even afford to buy more zzz if I wanted too, but I have been a holder since week #1

First installment will be when snoozer v2 ends!

Keep devs out of AMA’s please. Let them focus on the project and the marketing team deal with AMA.