A recovery proposal for the lost funds in SNOOZER:

I’m making a proposal to about lost fund recovery. Please share your opinions. Also, anyone can suggest certain modifications:

  1. We can add a way which causes 1-2% burn everytime people buy or sell zzz and that goes to a contract. People will need to set slippage tolerance to atleast 1.5-2.5% then otherwise the transaction won’t get through.
  2. We can set a max value in the contract (amount needed to be recovered to pay back) upto which this 1-2% burn will occur with the transactions. After that, this burning would be stopped.
  3. Now the money collected needs to be sent to pool contracts in required proportions.
  4. We will only allow the withdraw from the snoozer pool and not allow any staking there.
  5. After all have withdrawn, we can permanently close the pools
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NAPs are crypto currency tokens misallocated to the ZZZ market cap in a rushed response to a major failure…

… encourage use of NAP as cryptocurrency and burn after exchanged for a good or service with partner, our own merch store, etc to pool liquidity on its way out to restore ZZZ’s market cap.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but market responses online to the expectation that we expect people to invest in our pools for yeild farming after recent failure has been negative.

Whilst also too has our failure to undertake an audit.

Previous zzz bulls have gone silent as ZZZ being the next YFI, they were bullish on ZZZ off the back of YFI FOMO & stating their bull position based on similarly market cap ratio to YFI.

Now you want us to try and force the market to yeild farm with NAPs by buring ZZZ?

Yield farming with ZZZ is what the market has been turned off from, as well as ZZZ dilution from NAPs…

I understand the hunger for liquidity to return what has been lost, but this starvation is distracting the community from rational evaluation and strategic thinking…this is a community, please if you think I am way off the mark here please tell me and why so we can start some serious brainstorming, out of the box strategies suggestions put forth against risk analysis and forecasting as to create a basket full of ideas collaboratively from the dynamic pool of great minds, skillsets, experience and importantly POVs…this is a horizontally structured community, let’s capitalise on that :blush: